Welcome to my online shop! 

My name is Africa Fanlo, I live in Barcelona and I work as an illustrator, video director and art director. Here you can find some prints and original artworks for sale. 

Original copies are illustrations made on high quality paper using different materials such as ink, watercolours, pencils or ink pads. Therefore, they're unique works, which you'll be the only one to have and  enjoy.

Prints* are digital copies also made on high quality paper.

*(Please note that prints from this shop are not made using Glicée)

Both originals and  prints are made on high quality materials, normally engraving or watercolour paper between 240 gr (8,465oz) and 340gr (12oz) thick. They are all hand-signed by myself.

Digital copies are not numbered, as in my opinion, numbering is only for print runs of silk-screen printing, engraving, lithography or for those manual printing techniques where once a certain number of copies has been made, the mould is then destroyed. This is not my working method.

Choose the one you prefer!

If you want more information feel free to contact me. You can visit my my blog  and website www.africafanlo.com

Thanks for visiting!

Africa Fanlo