Welcome to my online shop!

My name is Africa Fanlo, I live in Barcelona and I work as an illustrator, video director and art director. Here are prints and original artworks for sale. 

Sure you already know, but I would like to make clear what are the differences between an original copy and a printed copy, so that once you've to choose between one or another, you're completely aware of what you'll acquire.

Original copies are illustrations made using different materials such as ink, watercolors, pencils or ink pads, directly on a high quality paper. Therefore, they're unique works, which you'll be the only one to have and to enjoy. Consequently, that makes them a bit more expensive.

On the other hand, Prints* are digital copies on high quality paper as well, but obviously they don't last on its best condition as long as an Original. Nevertheless they can be well conserved if they're not exposed to the sun or if they're correctly framed ,  that way you'll make their life longer.

*(I would like to inform you that the prints that are sold in this shop are not made using Glicée, an expensive  digital printing technique that, as it is said, would lengthen the graphic works life.)

Both, the Originals and the Prints, are made on a high quality support, which normally is engraving or watercolor paper, between 240 gr (8,465oz) and 340gr (12oz), and are hand signed by myself.

Digital copies, are not numbered, as I think numbering is exclusive for silk-screen printing, engraving or lithography. Those, being manual printing techniques in which once you've made all the copies you need the mould is destroyed, and this is not my working method.

After this explanation, choose what you prefer!

If you want more information feel free to contact me. You can visit my blog and website www.africafanlo.com

Thanks for visiting!

Africa Fanlo